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The Spark

When black-hearted Death
Seems all that surrounds,
And thick, drenching fog
Chokes your heart,
Life’s taken the form
Of a torturous rack—
Pulling your tired limbs apart.

Rise up, precious child,
Look forth through the night
‘Midst gray, blinding cloud—
See the spark.
Pure hope flickers on,
Undying for you,
Lighting the path from the dark.

Your legs cannot move,
They’re bloodied and torn
From running so hard
Through the thorns.
Your heart, barely beats—
Only carnage remains.
Wreckage formed by hate and scorn.

You want what you see,
The bright, distant flame,
But cannot rise up
From defeat.
You’ve made it your home,
Almost dead on the ground
As vultures prepare to eat.

The fire rages on,
Saving warmth, still strong,
Though you’ve not uttered
A response.
Weary ears hear words,
The blaze sings them softly
To say it’s you that it wants.

With all of your strength,
With all that you have,
You reach a scarred arm
Towards the light.
You’re quite ready now
To run from Death’s grip,
Ready to give up the fight.

Though still you can’t move,
Your reach is not swayed.
Your heart knows it needs
The fire’s glow.
Limbs have gone numb,
You would run if you could,
Thorns of your youth won’t let go.

Streams pour from your eyes—
You’re trapped in despair.
You cannot be free
From Death’s hold.
He hisses your name
So you cry feebly “Help”…
You sense a break in the cold.

Flashes surge ‘round you
You cover your eyes
The great fire has come
This you know.
Like one made of Sun
Not a what but a Whom
Savior in the inferno.

He’s broken the fog
The shadows destroyed
Death shrieks and flees fast
From the light.
‘Tis fire that surrounds
Protecting you fiercely
Triumph proclaimed o’er the night.

These flames will not burn
Or blister your flesh.
Lift surely your eyes
To His face.
In His eyes you see
True Love’s fire rages on
Found fully in His embrace.

‘Tis dawn all around,
You’re filled with new life,
You’re inside and out
A new form.
You now know the truth,
Though Death’s chill still hovers,
Forever, child, you’ll be warm.


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